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Ace Website Design provides consulting services to companies irrespective of their business size - small, medium or large business coporates. We provide our expert assistance to every business. Our mission is to systematically evaluate your value chain and guide your company toward improved operational efficiencies through the use of Information Technology, with focus on Opensource technologies. With the end goal of improving overall efficiency and effectiveness, while simultaneously reducing operational expenditure and total cost of ownership.


We offer the benefits of a non-bias evaluation to assist you with the implementation of a solution that satisfies your needs and can be economically implemented with your existing staffing infrastructure. There are a vast amount of programs and systems available on the market. Our expertise is in locating, evaluating and implementing systems that are best suited for your company.

Web / Internet Consultation

We focus on the business case and measurable results before we proceed with any web project, we make sure that there is a solid business case for it, in order to ensure you get maximum returns on your investment and increase in your productivity. Our Web consultation service will identify important factors that will help determine an appropriate web solution for your business. We can also provide an optional but more structured strategy and business case assessment for your web project. Through this service, we will also help you set measurable goals and configure tools for quantifying end results.


Our opensource consulting services assists you, by evaluating your existing infrastrucutre and making recommendations on alternate opensource solutions and products avaliable. We prepare a full business case, implementation strategy, and detailed support system infrastructure to manage the implementation. Opensource technologies benefits include:

  • No licence costs (minimal)
  • Reliability and quality
  • Incremental change
  • Security
  • Management Benefits
    • Budget control & savings
    • Happier and more productive end users
    • Less down time
    • Happier and more motivated IT staff
    • Happier Board and shareholders
  • Performance Benefits
    • Speed
    • Security
    • Stability and
    • Reliability

Our Approach

Our Approach is to work close in hand with our clients from the initial planning phase to develop a clear understanding of your companies key business challenges. We use this as the foundation for developing a comprehensive IT strategy and as a basis on which to evaluate available technologies.

Our Strategy

Our overall strategy is closely guided within a preset budget and based on clear deliverables. Prior consultation services can greatly reduce initial IT operating expenditure and increase productivity from day one provided all IT objectives are clearly defined in terms of the companies Business Objectives.

How can we help your business Grow and be more productive?

We assist you to answer the core questions facing your company in terms of its IT strategy, making systems better, faster, cheaper and more efficient in solving critical business problems.

We also offer assistance to start-up companies by introducing them to available opensource applications such as Open Office and the Opensource Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP as it is more commonly know, application Compiere. Opensource technologies can significantly reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow in those vital first years.

Please write to us for more information on or just fill out a Quote form for all your consulting needs. We make sure all our enquiries are answered in the next 24 hours.